Korth Rebel Hockey team isn’t doing much with the Virus going on. Our winter 19-20 season had horrible ending. We were in first place in all the league, not just our division. 11/1/2 = 24 points. We were in the final stages of the play off. We were in the winner bracket, our next game would have been with the team that had the same record as we did. Our only loss was to the Balrog. If we won that game, we would be in the Championship. We are hoping the County has a winter season. The other rinks are playing summer league hockey. They are under restriction, but they are playing. The County is all nervous about all the things going with the Virus. There is still a couple of months so hope all works out.


August 30, 2020

 Cottonwood 215 – 345 Cluster Puck