Pay It Forward


Korth Rebel Foundation believe in Paying It Forward.  KRF chooses different cause to help. 

August 2, 2016

Korth Rebel Foundation reached  one of it goals a week ago. We were able to help a coach further is  coaching career. I built a chair for Walt Aufderheide and he donated  $250 for the chair. The $250 went to KELLY BECK. Kelly is going to the  Level 5 next week in St Louis. Kelly has been coaching in the County  League for a few years now. He will be coaching the Lighting Squirt B  team this next year. Kelly has worked hard to be come better. KRF is  happy to help young up and coming coaches further their coaching career.  Congratulation Kelly, good luck and have fun in St Louis.

Don Korth 

President of Korth Rebel Foundation