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Need Used Equipment

At the Korth Rebel Foundation (KRF), we work hard to get every player fully equipped and ready to hit the ice! If you or someone you know needs equipment, contact us to learn more about this program.

Equipment Donations

Don’t get rid of your old used equipment just yet. If it is still in good condition, contact us to arrange a drop-off today. All equipment donated to KRF is thoroughly inspected for crack, tears, holes, and other issues before redistribution.

Equipment Swaps & Donation Events


The Korth Rebels Foundation is a 501c3 organization located in Salt Lake City, Utah 

WHO: Coaches or organizations who have players in need of proper sizes and/or have gear they are no longer using that is in good condition 

WHAT: Setup an Equipment Exchange within your team or organization 

WHEN: Coaches and organizations are encouraged to work with KRF to determine a date/time/and location that works best for your team. We suggest after a game or practice 

WHERE: Where ever we are invited . We will likely be able to come to your rink, practice, or game! 

WHY: “Even the greatest was once a beginner” -Muhammad Al! 

HOW: Let us know that your team is interested! The process is simple! Coaches simply encourage their team to donate gear that no longer fits & at the same time players are able to leave with the equipment that they need. (size and availability may vary)




It was a great night. Spent few hours with Cache Valley Hockey in Logan.. Doing what we do best, helping build hockey. This is where it all starts. No one was here tonight wanting to play in the NHL, but everybody wanted to play hockey, just like an NHL player wants too. I love the people in the the trenches. 




What a great day. KRF did a Equipment Exchange day with the Utah JR Grizzlies. There was a few Dawg people show up too. Thanks to the Utah Grizzlies for setting the Exchange. Thanks to especially Jeff Kite for working hard to set it up. We fitted at least 8 to10 players. Thanks to Jen and Derrick Frame for their help. We had like 4 or more going at the same. Want to thank Jen for putting out the word to Dawgs we were doing the exchange. Derrick was a great help. With out him I would been over whelmed. He help with the Dawg players. Thanks You Jen, Derrick for your help. I couldn’t of done with out you. I owe you big time. It is fun to do what we did today. Helping players and parent get in to hockey. You can not get more simple then this. If any one of you like to feel the excitement of doing these Exchange, let me know. You are always welcome to help. Just so none of you forget, that, there would be no hockey without grassroot activity like what happen today. O just a side note, I love my yard. The extra kids that came with their parents were playing football and soccer in my yard. I loved it. I was telling a mom that my yard was where kids and neighbor kids played. My grand kid too. Many of fun play day in that yard and one of them was today.