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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to give children the opportunity to play hockey. Your generous donation will also fund our special needs hockey team, train team captain in leadership skills, and assist coaches.

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Help our cause

Donation Information

The  Korth Rebels Foundation (“KRF”) is pursuing the mission of helping  children play hockey, training high school level team captains, and  training coaches. To do this, KRF pays registration fees for young  players and provides equipment for them through scholarships, and KRF  also plans and organizes free skating events for kids to learn basic  on-ice skills. KRF also trains current and upcoming high school team  captains in the leadership skills to succeed in the sport, and KRF helps  coaches financially so they can attend seminars and clinics. These  goals can only be met through generous donations from individuals and  companies like you, and we are grateful for your support.

This  year, KRF intends to help between 8-10 children who cannot afford or  have never played hockey by paying their league registrations and  providing them equipment to get started.  We also intend to teach  current and future high school team captains about the duties and  responsibilities of leadership on and off the ice, through mentoring  programs, seminars and clinics. KRF also intends to send two or three  coaches to seminars and clinics this year.

It costs approximately  $500.00 to equip and pay the registration for one player. It costs  about $300.00 to send a coach to a seminar or clinic, and high school  captain training costs between $100.00 and $150.00 per person. To thank  our donors, we offer several appreciation levels for donations:

  • For  a $500.00 donation, your name and logo will be placed on our website’s  sponsor page; in all event programs that we publish, and on our  foundation banner, which we display prominently at all KRF events.
  • For  a $250.00 donation, your name and logo will be placed on our website’s  sponsor page and in all event programs that we publish.
  • For a $100.00 donation, your name and logo will be placed on our website’s sponsor page.
  • Donations in any other amount will be gladly accepted and will include your name on our website’s sponsor page.

Thank you for your generous donation. 


Don Korth
Founder KRF

Who we help

All proceeds go to help the players and coaches, and all of us at KRF greatly appreciate your support, as do all the kids, captains, and coaches who will benefit from your support. Your donation will help grow what we truly believe is the “Greatest Game on Earth,” and at the same time help children learn life skills that will help them to become better people throughout their lives. KRF is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization, so all your donations are tax deductible. 

Help our cause